How To Make Money Selling Beats Online If You Are Not A Beat Maker

How To Make Money Selling Beats Online If You Are Not A Beat Maker

By Allen Brown

You don't have to be a music producer to make money selling beats online. You can follow a few simple steps and before you know it, start generating online income. Here are 3 ways you can get started if you are not a music producer.

1. Affiliate Program - There are many beat makers on the Internet that sell their beats and will offer you a percentage of their sales. Many producers will give you anywhere from 25% to as high a 75% commission from the sell of their beats.

Finding producers that offer affiliate commissions online starts with a basic search in any popular search engine. Terms like"Beat Maker Affiliate Program or Music Producer Affiliate Program" should land you a few go to producers. What you want to do is make sure they are using a reputable software or company to track your sales. As a suggestion, all of my websites offer affiliate programs and can be found at the following: Hip Hop Beats , Dirty South BeatsTrap BeatsHip Hop InstrumentalsRap Beats, and Promote Beats.


2 Joint Venture Partnership - If you learn Internet Marketing, and can spend time promoting, you can set up a JV Deal with Music Producers. This way of making money without being a music producer will require more work, but can be more rewarding if done the right way.

Many producers wouldn't mind having someone who can help them promote their beats by setting up an exclusive website just for them. Basically they can supply you with beats to sell and you can then split the profits. Again, what is recommended before you attempt to do this would be for you to have some marketing skills and possibly some money to get things started.

3. Flash Beat Players - On the Internet now are many kinds of widgets that can be placed on any website that allows html embeded codes. Many of the popular websites have these for their users to spread the word about their products, services or just social updates on other locations other then the site providing the content. So for example you can take the widget provided by FaceBook and then place the code on your website and when people visit your website, they would see in the widget updates from FaceBook.

There are music producer websites that are now offering this service for you to sign up and sell your beats with a flash beat player. I have my own website now that offers you this service called Promote Beats. With this website, you have access to sell beats from the producers on You simply sign up by paying a small fee and then you receive your very on flash beat player store that can be posted anywhere on the Internet.

There are many opportunities out there for you to make money in the beat industry.