How Pricing Your Beats Wrong Can Hurt You

How Pricing Your Beats Wrong Can Hurt You

By Allen Brown

There are producers that load their beats up online and do little research when it comes to pricing their beats. Pricing beats can be a tricky task, and the wrong number can produce different results, good or bad.

Now I will admit that there isn\'t one perfect number or formula, however there are sweet spots that you can find after doing some testing. Your testing will help you come to a conclusion based on a number of factors.

If you are selling beats on your own website, you have more room to play and discover the best pricing based on the traffic you get to your website. I must mention that there should never be a time when you are selling beats online and you feel your beats are worth more than what people will pay for them. Many producers waste years waiting for the one or two buyers that will pay them $100 dollars for a beat they made when if the beat was priced at $25 dollars it could have sold 100 copies in the same time. You have to look at what your objectives are for uploading beats to the Internet. Is your objective to make money or just take up server space and let artist just listen to your beats and never buy? The answer you choose should determine the actions you need to take when pricing your beats to sell online.

When placing your beats on a website where there are hundreds of producers, you have to use more strategy based on what the other music producers are doing who are selling the most beats. If it is a website where the average non-exclusive beat sells for $20-25, you would want to play around with these numbers and even trying $5 above or below the going rates. Each site is different as far as the type of buyers it will attract and what is common on one website may not be on another.