What Every Producer Should Know Before Selling Beats on the Internet

What Every Producer Should Know Before Selling Beats on the Internet

By Allen Brown

So you have been working really hard to get your beats sounding hot and now you are ready to sell beats online. What are some of the simple things you should know before you start to sell your beats on the Internet.

Protect Your Beats - The Internet is great tool for millions of people to connect and commerce, however where there is good there is also evil. Not everyone on the Internet has good intention and just like the real world that we leave in, there are bad guys.

There is know 100% full proof way to protect your beats, but you can take these steps. 1) Copyright your beats before you upload them anyway. This way if it turns up that someone has made a hit record with the beat and they violated your terms, you can file a lawsuit against them. 2) Make Sure that any website music player that you use has a protection tag for your beats. This will prevent someone from recording the tag on the beat if they get it illegal. If Website you use doesn't have a automatic voice tag, then place your own tag and resend beats to buyers if you don't have to option to play the tag beat and allow user to download the tag free beat.

Non Exclusive or Exclusive - I have ran into a few producers who didn't know the difference between a non-exclusive beat and an exclusive beat. Non-exclusive beats are sold on the premise that the person that buys the beat will not receive ownership of the beat. They will only have limited right to the beat which often will allow for them to use it for mixtapes, show or demos. When you decide to sell a beat exclusively, you are transferring ownership over to the buyer of that beat. As a producer selling beat on the Internet, you should know the difference between the two.

Chose a Brandable Name - I have seen many producers online struggle because of the names they have chosen for them self. You may want to avoid name for you are you production company that are way to hard to pronounce or to complicated to remember with ease. As a rule you should pick two simple words from the english vocabulary that will be easy for anyone to remember. For Example - Hit Man, Beat Dump, Bang Loud, Boom Bang, etc.

Promotion is Key - Many producers that I have met think that you just upload your beat on there website or a third party website and the magic happens. This is far from the case and will leave you frustrated like I have seen over and over again. If you think that you don't have to promote, then you will never make the money you seek. I have witness producers that have regular beats out sell better producers all because they promoted their beats better. Their success was because they put in the time to promote beats the way they were suppose to online. Don't let that be YOU!!!

So you won't waste your time on the Internet and get frustrated with poor beat sells, you must take the sell more beats video course so you don't miss out on the real income you can make if you do things right the first time. I have seen many producers give up when they didn't have to. Only if they would have made the right investment, they would have had more success.