Where to Sell Beats Online

Where to Sell Beats Online

By Allen Brown

There are more and more beat selling websites popping up on the internet everyday. Not all of them have the traffic needed for you to be successful. When you first decide to sell your beats on the Internet, you may be a little unsure as to where you should sell your beats. This article is basically to give you a little direction and help point out where a new producer online can sell their beats. Following are just a few suggestions for you to get an idea of some of the best places to get started.

Rocbattle - I'm not just saying this because it is my site, but rocbattle currently receives more traffic then any other producer only website. As a result of that, there are producers on rocbattle making anywhere from $50 - $4000 a month. The site is packed with features and has paid producers close to a million dollars in beat sales. Rocbattle now offer PromoteBeats.com which is a site where other members and artist can sign up for a flash player and sell your beats for you. You can set the commission and split the profit with the promoter. Rocbattle.com is $6.95 a month and you keep 100% of your beat sales.

Soundclick - Soundclick is a website that has been out since 1997 and has a large follow for many different genres of music. You can promote and sell your hip hop instrumentals on this site as it is a reputable site for producers to make money with there beats.

My Flash Store - This is a new site about 2 years old and allows user to promote their beats in their very own flash player. This site is getting bigger and bigger everyday as it offers a community experience for producers and beat buyers.

My Beat Shop - This website came on the seen around 2007 and has managed to hold its own. Not sure how successful it is, but I have heard back from producers that have made money from it. This site takes commission from your sales, but is free to get started.

Make Hit Music - This is a site that I recently stumbled on and have heard producer speak on their success of selling beats there. This site will charge you to sell your beats their and take a commission from your sales.

There are beat websites that come and go, however these and a few more have maintain consistency in the beat industry and worth you looking into.