How To Name The Beats You Sell Online

How To Name The Beats You Sell Online

By Allen Brown

Naming beats on the Internet is an art that many producers take little thought to do well. The mistake in naming your beats wrong can mean less plays and less beats sold as a result.

Now I know that 90% of producers create music and have a mood that they are in when they created the beat. This is good in the creation process because a good mood can mean a good beat as well as a angry mood can create one of the hardest beats you ever did. The truth is I personally know a producer who was mad and made a hip hop classic. So mood music rather sad, happy, or mad is all good. However, the name you give it when you upload it to the Internet, could make or break it when it comes to sells. The following are just a few suggestions you should consider when it comes to naming your beats online. 

Names not Numbers - Always take the time to give your beat a name. Never just list them by the number. This is like the worst thing you can do and its lazy on your part if you do that. Take the time and thought to give it the right name.

Now with out making this to complex, here is the formula for giving a beat name. One word is better than two words, two words is better than three and three words are better than four. First suggestion is to keep your beat name to under four words and if possible one word. As the owner of I have seen and have the proof that one word beats sell more then anything. So if you are in an angry mood and you feel like naming your beat "Angry as Hell" just call it "Angry". It's not that the 3 word name won't sell, but numbers show that the single word beat name sells more. This may only mean that people may press on single word beat names more.

Their Influence - Many artist are influence by other rappers in the hip hop game. As an additional trick you can stick artist names next to the beats that you think would fit perfect on the beat. You have to remember that beat buyers have favorite rappers or rappers they admire and it is a cool way to get your beats played.

Geography - Don't forget that beats are often listed by genre and hip hop genres come from geographical locations. For Example, their is East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Midwest, and Hip Hop in general. There are new ones that come up but their is a history and a style behind them all. You can take advantage of this by placing the geographical slang next to your beats. For Example in the south they say "Trap", "Trap beats", 'Trap Music" etc. so for example, you name your next dirty south beat "Candy". Next to it you can put Real Trap or Trap Muzik. Again, this is just another tactic to get your beat played and possibly get you the beat sell.

One thing is for sure, you don't have to be left behind when it comes to online beat sales. Many producers suffer by not knowing the simplest tricks that would make all the difference in the world. What you must do is take the sell more beats online study course and change your outcome today.